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I see you, mama. Sometimes your job may seem unfulfilling. You work so hard to make sure your kids get the best, and you question your every move. I’m certainly no expert here, but I believe that YOU are having a positive impact on making your children amazing human beings, and even though it might not seem like it, YOU are doing a good job!

Yea..yea…we all know we need to put our phones away more often and truly “enjoy the moment”, but these kids grow up so dang fast! How often are you the one behind the camera, mama? You are the one capturing your kiddos doing what they do best: happy baby pose, giggling to the kisses you plant on their cheeks, blowing bubbles, running around in the back yard, playing with dad…amiright? How many of these photos are YOU in? Time is precious, mama, and YOU deserve to be documented in at least a handful of these sweet adolescent moments.

The time is now to help preserve your legacy. I know how hard many of you (me included) worked to even get to this day…so let’s shout it from the rooftops! I know I want my daughter, Cora, to have some photos of the two of us to look back on and laugh about (and lucky me, I got some!). Nothing fancy or posed, just raw, REAL life. You deserve it, mama.

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