Tips for a Successful Newborn Session


Hi friends! Today I’m going to give you some tips for a successful newborn session. If you are reading this, you are likely expecting a precious little one, so congratulations!!! Without further delay, here are 4 tips for you as you prepare for an upcoming in-home lifestyle newborn photo session:


It is very important that the light in your nursery and/or master bedroom (or other room you plan take photos) has good natural light. I tend to do newborn sessions mid morning, when the sun is a little higher in the sky. Unless your nursery is windowless, the main step you are going to take here is to pull up all the blinds in the room and turn off any artificial lights. Another easy way we can create more light is using natural reflectors. This means white or light bedding and clothing. We can bounce the light off of the bed and back on to you or baby. I also have a handy reflector I always bring to my sessions.


I recommend feeding baby right before our session time. This will ensure he is full and [hopefully] complacent. If he gets fussy/hungry during our session, you can absolutely feed him, as many times as you need! ‘Cause baby’s gotta eat!

Sleeping vs Awake Baby

To me, it doesn’t matter if baby is awake or asleep, both are great! We will let baby lead us during the session, so if she is asleep we might choose to start with individual shots of her in her cutest outfit or wrap. I also love photos of an awake baby because I think it shows a little bit of her personality starting to take shape.

What to Wear

As I mentioned above, light colors can help to reflect natural light, but it is most important that you be comfortable during your session. Plan out what outfit(s) you want to put baby in and then plan you and spouse and sibling (if there are other kiddos in the house) outfits from there. Light, earth tones always tend to photograph well and I always love a baby in a little white onesie 🙂

That’s it!

So there you have it, a few easy tips for a successful newborn session. But the main goal during my in-home lifestyle newborn sessions is to capture the joy of your new family. It should be as stress-free as possible and we’ll let baby lead the way. Make yourself and your home feel comfortable and we will, no doubt, capture sweet memories for you to cherish for a long time, friend 🙂

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