Things To Do In Kansas City With Kids for Big Smiles & Big Fun


When you plan a fun day with your child(ren), you’re not only planning opportunities for laughter, smiles, and fun. You’re making memories they can reflect on and excitedly retell in later years. While their favorite park can offer a fun day, sometimes it gets boring. But where can you go that is kid friendly and full of opportunities to make lasting memories? There’s no shortage of fun in Kansas City; you just have to know where to look. You can liven up your family outing with these fun things to do in Kansas City with kids.

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4 Things To Do In Kansas City With Kids for Your Next Fun Family Outing


Perfect for budding artists or those that enjoy having fun and being creative with colors, Kaleidoscope through Hallmark provides a fun opportunity to make memories while making art. This art-making space was made for kids 14 and under. There are accompanying adults to explore creativity with the adventure of their choice.

Children enjoy using all the materials, from paper and glue to stickers, ribbons, and more to bring their imagination to life. Did I mention that this hidden gem is FREE?! Have yourselves a colorful day filled with hands-on creation and activities. 

things to do in kansas city with kids

Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead

If you and your family love having fun while learning, you will love making memories at Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead. Learn about growing vegetables and flowers, view over 250 animals and birds, and even experience a Kanza Indian encampment or the one-room schoolhouse!

Your child will have fun participating in goat bottle feeding, playing on the playgrounds, and visiting the dairy barn. You can finish your fun with a beautiful walk through Main Street to view the fishing pond and maybe even go fishing. 

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Kansas City Zoo

Filled with world-class exhibits, exciting programs, and ample opportunities to learn and explore, Kansas City Zoo is always a childhood favorite. Kids of all ages love seeing the orangutans swing and interact with each other and the adorable and magnificent penguins in their icy exhibit.

Kansas City Zoo is home to over 1,700 animals and 200 species that you can learn about. Map out your visit and learn everything you need to know on the Kansas City Zoo’s website. Your children will love seeing all the animals in their habitats. Furthermore, they’ll enjoy learning about the sounds the animals make and what they do for the ecosystem along the way.

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Worlds of Fun

Suppose your family loves adventure filled with thrill and excitement. In that case, you can’t pass up the opportunity to experience the world record attractions at Worlds of Fun.

Escape boring routines and indulge in world-famous foods, world-class events, and their world record experiences. Experiences include thrill rides and roller coasters, family fun rides, Planet Snoopy, and more. You will leave feeling like you’ve traveled the world. Start planning your family’s day out at this whimsical theme park everyone will love.

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Things To Do In Kansas City With Kids

From hands-on learning and creativity to exploring and thrilling adventures, your family will have a blast making lasting memories with these fun things to do in Kansas City with kids. These activities are so much fun that you’ll likely want to go again!

For more Kansas City resources, check out the blog links below. Then, let’s chat about capturing your next family session!

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