Kansas City Doula Agencies for Consistent & Experienced Support


Having support during pregnancy and childbirth is severely underrated! While doulas are gaining popularity, sometimes you just don’t know how much you need them until you’re pregnant. Whether you’re already on the journey, newly expecting, or hoping to soon, support is a game-changing addition. While you may have the support of your partner, friends, and family, they also have their everyday lives and responsibilities. This plus hormones can leave you feeling overwhelmed or even unsure about your journey. That’s where the help of a Kansas City doula comes in handy.

When you choose a doula, you’re getting a professional supporter, guidance, and someone ready to remind you how amazing you are during your emotional and empowering journey. Before you’re overwhelmed with finding the right doula, I’ve gathered a group of support professionals to enhance your pregnancy and birthing experience.

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3 Kansas City Doula Agencies for Professional Empowering Guidance

My KC Doula

This award-winning premier doula service commits to providing unbiased, non-judgmental, and individualized support for expecting families.

Throughout your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum transition, you can expect comprehensive guidance and constant personalized support to suit your family perfectly. They want you to enjoy your beautiful journey and offer services to enrich your experience.


  • Birth Doula Support
  • Postpartum Doula Support
  • Placenta Encapsulation
  • Childbirth Education 

This Kansas City doula’s services provide unwavering support throughout your pregnancy and birth journey.

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Bloc Births

Heidi Mills, the owner of Bloc Births, believes that every birth could benefit from birth support. Heidi’s support not only helps at the surface but is willing to sit in the deep end with you and help you navigate the waters.

No matter where you plan to deliver, whether you choose a medicated birth or an unmedicated birth, you need someone to advocate for you. You can expect non-judgmental support and educational information so you can make informed choices from the beginning to the day your precious baby arrives.

Each service provided offers confident and empowering support no matter the type of pregnancy or birth plan you have in store. 


  • Prenatal Birth Coaching
  • Birth Doula Services

You can contact Heidi and see if she is right for you. Her personalized services allow you to take on motherhood feeling confident and supported.

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Mahina Birth Support

Mahina Birth Support has helped hundreds of families through their prenatal and breathing experiences by providing physical, emotional, and informational support.

Support looks different for every family. Emotional support encourages calm and comforting feelings during this special and intimate time. These services provide unbiased evidence-based information and physical support through target touch, rebozo movements, and massage techniques. Your doula can even teach massage techniques to your partner. Enhance your birthing experience through actionable services and resources.


  • Labor Doula Support
  • Custom Birth Planning

Reach out to one of their incredible doulas today to receive the support and resources you need to feel empowered.

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Kansas City Doula

When it comes to motherhood, support can be your biggest asset. Find the right Kansas City doula from one of these agencies for your journey and confidently enter motherhood

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