Kansas City Birth Center for Personalized Birthing Experiences


Kansas City Birth CenterThere are a lot of people in this world who want a say in how you do pregnancy. Eat these foods, don’t buy that product, stick to this style, and buy these fourteen books. Everybody seems to have a say in your health, from your nonna to the random guy in the lobby of the tire shop. With so many different voices telling you what to do, it’s easy to feel like you have no control. This is why I love birth centers. These spaces let you labor however the heck you want. Need snacks through the contractions? Go for it! Want to walk around to get labor moving? Great idea! Want a waterbirth? They’ll draw the tub! With so many options, it’s no wonder more parents are turning toward birth centers for their natural births. If this idea sounds appealing to you, let me tell you about the best Kansas City birth center

3 Kansas City Birth Centers for Comfortable Delivery Environments & Experiences

New Birth Company

New Birth Company is a birth center staffed by midwives passionate about delivering the best birth experience. The center has been the birthplace for over 3,000 babies since it opened. Today, New Birth Company features six certified midwives who will be there during every stage of pregnancy and help you create the best birth plan. 

When it comes time to deliver, you’ll have access to three different deluxe birthing suites. Each is outfitted with queen-sized beds and birth tubs or pools. You’ll also have access to a separate waiting area and a kitchenette. 

Kansas City birth center

Yoder Birth Center

Yoder Birth Center (also known as Birth & Women’s Health Center) opened in 2004 as a cooperative space for the Kansas City Amish and Mennonite communities. It continues to provide help for women everywhere during their pregnancies. The staff features two certified midwives and three RNs. 

This cozy center features two birth rooms where you’ll have a comfortable bed and access to a birthing tub if you choose to use it. Your family will have access to a kitchen during labor so you can have freshly prepared meals afterward. This licensed center also provides classes, breastfeeding support, and women’s healthcare for all ages. 

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Overland Park Regional Medical Center

Overland Park Regional Medical Center is an extension of HCA Midwest Health to provide you with expert medical care outside of a hospital setting. The center will pair you with a midwife who will give you a voice throughout your entire pregnancy. The relationship with the health center ensures a seamless transition should you need to use an OB at any point in your pregnancy. 

The birth center is close to the Overland Park Hospital and features spacious rooms with a large tub for helping advance labor. The association with the hospital will give you all the resources you need for the postpartum stage. 

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Kansas City Birth Center

When it comes to delivering your baby, you know your body best! Finding a Kansas City birth center that allows you to go through labor in the way that works for you is one of the best things you can do for your family. 

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