What to Wear to Your Photo Session


Hi friends! I hope your summer is off to a sizzlin’ start! Today on the blog I’m going to discuss planning your wardrobe for your next photo session and why it is important!

First off, you should always wear something you are comfortable in and that will make you happy when you look back at your photos for years to come. That being said, here are a few guidelines:

Play it safe in neutral

Neutral colors tend to always photograph well. Not only do these colors reflect natural light on your skin, but they make for a light and happy photo. Grays, tans, whites, light blues and pinks always look great.

Coordinate with others but no need to match

There is no need to all wear matching outfits in your family photos (unless that is something you really love), but coordinating helps tie everyone’s outfits together. For example, find an adorable outfit for your child, and then coordinate everyone else’s outfits around that. Or stick to all light colors. So mom might wear white and dad light blue and little girl light pink, etc. Since they are all light and neutral colors, they will look great together.

Stay away from bold patterns

Bright bold patterns can be distracting, but some patterns look almost like solid colors from a distance and those work great. Some patterns can be really cute, though, so it’s not a complete no-no. One option is to dress your child in a pattern and then have everyone else dress in neutral, non-patterned clothes so that there isn’t distraction.

Don’t overthink it.

Don’t create more work for yourself. Bounce ideas off of me or whoever your photographer might be. Consider gathering your ideas on a Pinterest board. But at the end of the day, be you! You are going to look great no matter what, friend!

Spring photo session wardrobe

Here is a summer style board that might provide some inspiration for you:

photo session style boardmama dress
boy shirt
boy pants
men’s shirt
men’s pants
girl’s dress  


I hope this was helpful in helping you plan out what to wear for your next session. Let me know if you have any questions! Happy planning! 🙂

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